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To create an awareness of Radio Directional Finder.


  • Individual (above 18 years old)
  • Malaysian Citizenship

Competition regulation

  1. A distance between competitors and target antennas + 10 meter.
  2. A distance among competitors + 1 meter.
  3. A distance among target antennas + 1.5 meter.
  4. Competitors need to aim which antennas is transmiting Tone (Beacon).
  5. Each competitors will be given a scoring card to mark the chosen target.
  6. Competitors need to choose only one antenna from four antennas.
  7. Competitors will be disqualified if more than one answers found by the judges.

Technical Data

144 MHz Transmitters

RF output power -------500mW

Frequency -------------144.50 MHz ~ 144.80 MHz

Modulation Type -------F2A

Antenna ----------------1/4 Wave Antenna, Vertical polarization, 1~2m above the ground

Winners evaluation

  1. Judges will choose only three competitors to win the prizes.(1,2 & 3)
  2. Competitors will have a chance to aim the target antenna up to three times in durations of 30 second each and also need to collect three point of answers correctly.
  3. In first level, if there are competitors gets 3 points more than 3 other competitors, the other competitors which only gets 1 or 2 points will be eliminated.
  4. The competitor which carries 3 points will proceed to the next level until finally gets the winners.